The Task Force prioritized the following work streams and deliverables: 

Responding to Immediate Requests

from City & County Leadership and officials for recommendations and feedback on local policy and programmatic responses to the COVID-19 crisis as it relates to housing stability.

Launching Working Groups to develop creative solutions

to pressing issues. The Task Force launched four Work Groups: (1) Rent Assistance, (2) Access to Justice, (3) Landlord & Property Stabilization, (4) Policy Response.

    Growing the Task Force     

Shared Knowledge Base

through the research of best practices, and hosting presentation from subject matter experts and practitioners.

We can all agree, it is in our region’s best interest for both physical and economic health to mitigate the impending crisis of increased evictions, homelessness and mortgage defaults.

Housing Stability Task Force Guiding Principles

[1] To Design Programs Based on Evidence-Informed Research and Established Best Practices

[2] To Define Clear Outcomes for Specific Groups with a Focus on Equity and Access

[3] Intentional Design of Policies and Programs Supported by both Landlord and Tenant

[4] To Prioritize User Experience

[5] Using Evaluation and Data to Evaluate Impact

[6] Commitment and Capacity of Implementing Organizations